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UFO Headlines 7/30/15

Billionaires and their spaced-out projects – The Economic Times Mankind’s quest to boldly go where no one has gone before has received a boost from these mercurial wealthy men, known for investing in ideas.
7 Amazing Methods We’re Using To Contact Aliens
NYC Singles Events Are Now a Paranormal Activity Adventure – Press Release – Digital Journal Paranormal Singles Adventures is the brainchild of Pete and Stew Kandel (known and Dr. Pete & Dr. Stew) aka the Ghost Doctors, paranormal investigators and licensed NYC Tour guides. The Ghost Doctors have been taking groups of ghost hunting adventurers and UFO explorers through some of NYC's most iconic landmarks and will now be leading singles for some close encounter adventures of the best kind.
WATCH: Does this video footage of flashing lights actually show UFOs hovering in the skies above Greater Manchester? – Manchester Evening News The video shows lights flashing in the sky
Business participation wanted for Paranormal/UFO Festival – News – fosters.com – Dover, NH ROCHESTER — On Saturday, Sep. 19, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., downtown Rochester will host the first Paranormal/UFO Festival. Those who would like their businesses to participate by being paired with a medium, psychic or tarot reader and be featured on the “Paranormal Trail” must sign up before Friday, Aug. 7. There will be a $10 charge to be included on the “Trail” which covers costs of printing.Some businesses have already contacted and made arrangements, and

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UFO Headlines 8/28/15

UFO alert as shape-shifting orb spotted above Leatherhead Source: www.dorkingandleatherheadadvertiser.co.uk/UFO-alert-shape-shifting-orb-spotted-Leatherhead/story-27685771-detail/story.html From The East End to ET: Danny Dyer…