There’s a Rocky Exoplanet Just 21 Light-Years Away The planet was confirmed by the Spitzer space telescope, which revealed it was transiting its star relative to the Earth.
Vatican sceptical about close encounters of the third kind The recent discovery of an Earth twin has boosted chances there is intelligent life on other planets. But while Pope Francis’s telescope scans the starlit skies, the Vatican is sceptical of ever meeting Mr. Spock.” name=”Description


Wyatt Cenac to star in alien abduction comedy from The Office’s Greg Daniels · Newswire · The A.V. Club
The search for extraterrestrial life in Berlin | All media content | DW.COM | 30.07.2015 Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and physicist Stephen Hawking have unveiled a 100 million dollar project to search for signs of aliens. The call is likely to be taken up by UFO enthusiasts, who believe aliens may have already visited us here on earth, leaving signs such as crop circles in fields. Two new crop circles have recently appeared in a suburb of Berlin and Dave Keating reports.
SETI Targets Kepler-452b, Earth’s ‘Cousin,’ in Search for Alien Life SETI is already listening for signs of alien life coming from the Earthlike planet Kepler-452b, a world that NASA has billed as the closing thing yet to an Earth 2.0 beyond our solar system.

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