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UFO Headlines 8/4/15

Aliens are trying to invade my caravan Pensioner convinced extraterrestrials are targeting her home
Mapping UFO Sightings All Around the Bay Area – Cool Map Thing – Curbed SF According to a new map that compiles more than 90,000 UFO sightings across the United States since 1905, there have been just two sightings within San Francisco’s city limits during…
New Documentary Claims the Nazis Built Flying Saucers and the Atomic Bomb – Shalom Life Doc cites Nazi and Russian reports that they believe proves the existence of Nazi-made flying saucers and atom bombs
Alien caught on camera! Is this for real? (Watch video) | Latest News & Gossip on Popular Trends at India.com After an alien was found in India’s Jodhpur city in Rajasthan – that turned out to be a foetus – here’s a video of a grey alien being found.
Many worlds to go yet in search for life out there | afr.com The question of whether there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is, for most people, right up there with whether there is intelligent life on Sydney’s north shore.

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7 Crazy Alien Abduction Stories That Seriously Are Out Of This World Source: www.bustle.com/articles/124902-7-crazy-alien-abduction-stories-that-seriously-are-out-of-this-world UFO hunters mistake part…