There will always be creative people out there putting out fun and/or interesting renditions of the Super Mario Bros. theme. And it never gets old.

YouTube channel Player Piano released a video on July 28 showing pianist Sonya Belousova performing Super Mario Bros. music on a piano customized to resemble the original Nintendo gaming console.

This piano, and its bench that looks like a controller, are pretty freakin’ rad. But what’s even cooler is that Player Piano is giving you a chance to win the Nintendo piano! All you have to do is subscribe to the Player Piano YouTube channel. Once the channel reaches one million subscribers, they will select one lucky person as the winner of this epic piano.

Player Piano is a collaboration between Belousova and Director/Producer Tom Grey. The description on their channel explains, “We make awesome arrangements and music videos of popular songs & soundtrack themes.”

After watching the Super Mario Bros. video, check out the other videos on their channel, like this rendition of the Tetris theme.

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