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UFO Headlines 8/5/15

Will SETI’s unprecedented new program finally find E.T.? Stephen Hawking, Frank Drake and dozens of journalists gathered at the Royal Society in London last week to hear astronomers announce a ground-breaking new project to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life called “Breakthrough …” name=”Description
The Vatican believes finding alien life would have no impact on the teachings of the Bible
Here’s a Map of UFO Sightings Around Philadelphia Graphics via Metrocosm Do you believe? A new map via Metrocosm says we all should. In sensational detail, the interactive map compiles more than 90,000 reports of UFO sightings in…
Events to remember 1967 UFO incident set for Shag Harbour An incident that remains a mystery almost 50 years later will again be the focus of a modest festival in Shelburne County. The 48th anniversary of the Shag Harbour UFO incident will be celebrated this weekend at the seventh annual Shag Harbour Incident Festival.
Was fleet of ‘alien UFOs’ filmed over Japan seen in the US four days earlier? A FLEET of UFOs seen over a Japanese power station appear to have been captured on camera days earlier more than 6,000 miles away in the US.

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