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UFO Headlines 8/10/15

Mysterious Glowing Icy Mountain Could be Alien Tracking Tower on Ceres
New Advances in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life –“Will It Be Inconceivable to Us?”
Vatican chief astronomer believes in UFOs and aliens The Pope’s chief astronomer does not believe that Jesus Christ visited other alien lifeforms as he has Earth.
Tectonic Activity Could Be The Key To Finding Alien Life A pair of researchers believe they have found a new method to identify planets capable of supporting life.
UFO sightings that have been reported from all over the world : Did you know? Look at some of the evidences that have been reported from all over the country that tells us that they exist.
Plane part sets off UFO rumour in Chhattisgarh village A part of the rear end of a United Bangladesh plane split and fell on a farmland in a village in …

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