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TV crew films ghost at English castle [VIDEO]

A TV crew was recently filming for an episode of UK ghost hunting show The PAST Hunters at Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire, England when they noticed what appears to be a ghost.

The video shows show co-director Bex Palmer jump after being startled by the ghostly figure. The nervous Palmer clings to alleged psychic medium Derek Acorah. The shadowy figure remains motionless for twenty seconds, then moves to the left and disappears.

The ghost hunters believe their ghost video shows the figure of The Keeper–a male ghost wearing a suit of armor who reportedly likes to shout at castle guests.

(Credit: The PAST Hunters)
(Credit: The PAST Hunters)

The ghost in this video looks like a normal shadow against the wall. In fact, if you look at the appearance and movement of this “ghost” enough times, you can easily convince yourself that it looks pretty similar to the shadow of a cameraman. And Palmer’s startled reaction to the shadow seems a little fake. She seemingly jumps before she even looks in the direction of the shadow.

But who knows? This could very well be the figure of the crabby Keeper.

Ghost hunting shows are no stranger to accusations of hoaxing paranormal activity. But what about this video? Do you think it’s legit, or just another made-for-TV fabrication?

  1. Just wondering if regular shadows look like that under night vision. Also I didn’t hear any footsteps although I did hear other creaks earlier in the tape.

    1. They sure do. Film crews usually use some light when filming these scenes so you can actually see the cast. If they are smart, they use IR light to enhance the range of the night vision equipment. If you watch the video, you can see the reflection of a light mounted to the main camera. Any light is sufficient to cast a shadow.

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