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UFO Headlines 8/11/15

Pictured: Man photographs ‘ALIEN’ peering through his window leaving him stunned and terrified The 57-year-old says he took the photograph to show the “grey alien” which he claims has been peeping through his living room window
Panspermia theory claims life on Earth may have arrived here from outer space Biologists at the University of Washington in Seattle have claimed there is a ‘pretty good’ case for life having evolved on Mars before being carried to Earth by comets or meteorites.
Be careful what you say to aliens Seeking alien contact could be the thing that triggers our own implosion.
Aliens land in Wimborne
Are aliens watching us? Mysterious pink UFO spotted over the ISS by internet conspiracy theorists The strange pink and white orb is shown hovering over the ISS in NASA’s live feed from the space station
WATCH: Did glowing ‘UFO’ cause THUNDERSTORM after appearing in skies above Russia? FOOTAGE of a bizarre glowing orb caught on camera just before a thunderstorm broke out has sparked claims a UFO visited Russia.

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