Is Banbury becoming an alien hotspot? Police deal with multiple extraterrestrial reports
Alien hunters discover ‘ancient Egyptian face carving’ on Mars ALIEN hunters are claiming a coup in their quest to prove a human-like ancient civilisation once lived on Mars after finding an “Egyptian-like” face carved rock on the Red Planet.
Fortney: Kananaskis UFO sighting a reminder of sightings past Case #69045; Date of event, July 29, 2015; Disposition, unresolved. Last month at Gooseberry campground in Kananaskis Country, a bright, starlike object is spotted in the night sky. Then, it turns out to be not one, but two unidentified flying objects.
After Hungerford UFO sightings, now it’s crop circles There’s something very strange going on near Hungerford. First it was unusual lights in the skies over Hungerford and Lambourn, and now it seems the nearby fields are playing host to some strange phenomenon. A large crop circle was first spotte…
Richard J. Budelman – Budelman left mark as reporter, mayoral aide, UFO hunter Richard J. Budelman was a news reporter for the Milwaukee Journal in the 1960s before becoming press secretary for Mayor Henry Maier.

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