For many of us Homestar Runner was our introduction to the world of online video and the Internet in general. With a cast of lovable characters and never-ending shenanigans Homestar Runner was nothing short of an obsession for its dedicated fanbase since its inception in 2000. Re-live your obsession and get ready for some nostalgia. Here’s a list of things every Homestar fan can relate to.

1) Doodling Trogdor

You started with an “S” then a more different “S” and the rest is history. Drawing the Burninator himself was something everyone could do, even the artistically challenged. There was something especially satisfying when you got that beefy arm coming out of his neck to look just right. Some great fan art of Trogdor has emerged over the years including this one for coffee-lovers created by Scott Hampson.

Credit: Scott Hampson.

2) Crafting Your Best Email in Hopes Strong Bad Would Read It

Your dream wasn’t to get followed by Justin Bieber on Twitter or get a selfie with Kim Kardashian. All you wanted was Strong Bad to read your email on his Compé. Or his Lappy 486. Or if you’re so old school they tore the school down, even his Compy 386 or Tandy 400.

3) Listening to Strong Bad Sings (and Other Type Hits) on Repeat

Whether the CD was in your Walkman or your boombox you blasted Strong Bad Sings and ached for the day Limozeen would go on tour. “Heart of a lion / And the wings of a bat / Because it’s midnite!”

4) Watching Teen Girl Squad Religiously

Before Mean Girls swept the nation you were obsessed with a different group of teenage girls who always wanted to look “SO GOOD!” As soon as Strong Bad yelled, “it’s over!” you immediately wanted more.

5) Knowing Exactly How to Pronounce “Fhqwhgads”

At this point you’re not sure if it’s just a random keyboard smash, the sender of sbemail 009’s name, or a whiffle ball. Whatever fhqwhgads is, you know exactly how to pronounce it. And just in case you’ve ever wondered what a mash-up of “Everybody To The Limit” and “Uptown Funk” sounds like… well, that exists. Thanks, Internet.

6) Feeling Lost and Confused During the Hiatus

In late 2009 new content ceased to exist on the Homestar Runner website for years to come. This was a time of great agony and remorse for all of us. We were sadder than Strong Sad himself. All we could do was re-watch all the old toons and replay the classic games in hopes the characters would come back again. When would Homestar and the gang return?!

7) Getting the Best April Fools’ Gift Ever (and More!)

On April 1st, 2014 a new toon was uploaded by The Brothers Chaps. Homestar lovers everywhere rejoiced! More toons have since been released via and the official Homestar Runner YouTube channel. Although the comeback has been fairly slow it has been steady with no end in sight. We’re looking forward to the day Homestar rises to full prominence yet again, although it will always sit atop the throne of online video to its dedicated fans. Check out their most recent toon where Strong Bad warns Homestar of the death of flash animation and the emergence of HTML5.