If you’ve heard about David Paulides and the crew behind Missing 411, then you are a part of the minority. Paulides has been examining an alarming number of disappearances in National Parks across North America, and more recently, the whole world.

THis Map lists the various 'clusters' of missing people across the USA that make up the Missing 411

This Map lists the various ‘clusters’ of missing people across the USA that make up the Missing 411

These missing persons cases are all a little unnerving, odd, unusual, and in some cases impossible, yet they all fit certain characteristics that tie them together. Over the last few years Paulides has written four books on the subject, while giving interviews online and on the radio in an attempt to bring these cases to the public light.

These hundreds of missing people, which are quite often children, often go missing from right under the noses of their parents/guardians or travel companions. The Parks department relies on an”institutional memory” to keep track of these cases, as opposed to a simple record keeping system that cops and missing person departments around the world use, leaving the majority of these cases off the record and away from public awareness.

Missing 411 book 1Some of the strange parameters that group these cases together are the unique ways some of these missing people are found, usually deceased. Bodies found with no clothing or shoes, and inconclusive fatality reports offer another air of mystery to the cases, with the cause of death either undetermined or making little sense. Proximity to bodies of water, the rise of inclement weather following disappearances and the odd amount of climbers and missing who traveled uphill, sometimes across distances that are impossible to make only add to the mystery of these cases.

As for some of the missing persons who are found alive, they either can’t remember what happened to them, or are unable to speak about it. In some cases when children were found, reports of “bears” or large hairy creatures abducting them pop up in a number of unrelated cases across the world. While there isn’t much in the way of conclusions when reading about the cases, Paulides delivers the case information and leaves the reader to make their own conclusions in the books, which can be picked up over on the CanAm Missing Project website.

Paulides and his crew recently launched a Kickstarter in an effort to turn these cases and his years of research into a full documentary to further spread this news to the general public. Because let’s face it, people don’t like to read as much these days.


I had originally intended to use this article to help bring in some pledges to the Kickstarter, but as it nears the close of its funding run I am happy to say that they have exceeded their goal with around 60 hours left to go!

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the opportunity to help Paulides and his team with their documentary. Anything over the goal will no doubt help them produce the highest quality video possible, which some of these cases definitely deserve.

For those interested in learning more about the Missing 411, there are a number of interviews online with Paulides, and his books cover a lot of interesting cases that will make you rethink your safety in our National Parks.

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