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UFO Headlines 8/19/15

New UFO sighting in Louth is ‘talk of the town’A Louth man who claims to have seen a UFO hovering around last night has said it is ‘the talk of the town.’
The Truth (About Americans’ Beliefs in Conspiracy Theories) Is out There Tabloid headlines, internet comment threads, that one uncle at Thanksgiving dinner: Conspiracy theories are everywhere. Polls reveal the truth — the truth about what the public believes, that is. While some conspiracy theories are dismissed by the vast majority of the public, others are widely accepted as true.
Ridley Scott’s Prometheus 2 is coming out before Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 The next movie in the Alien cinematic universe is going to be a prequel to a sequel. That’s because 20th Century Fox want to release Prometheus 2 before Neill Blomkamp’s Alien…
comet impacts may have led to life on Earth, and could help alien life on other planets, study Jewish and Israeli world business and financial global news
It turns out octopuses aren’t actually aliens due to their DNA, according to Nick Lane and Charles Mudede You may have heard the news recently that octopuses are in fact aliens. Scientists (yep, actual scientists) made this tongue-in-cheek revelation after studying their DNA and deciding that it was so…

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Believe or not, it’s going to be entertaining Source: www.brantnews.com/news-story/5658581-believe-or-not-it-s-going-to-be-entertaining/ Wigan named third most spooky town in country…