2K and Firaxis Games Release XCOM 2 in November With New Mobile HQ and Tougher Aliens 2K and Firaxis Games announce release of XCOM 2 in November featuring The Avenger – the new headquarters of the unit and tougher aliens to beat.
For Pluto ‘Truthers,’ the New Horizons Mission Is Only the Latest Lie
The key to finding aliens is light A Toowoomba-based astronomer and astrobiologist says light is not only vital for life on Earth, it is the key to finding life elsewhere in the universe.
Johns Hopkins Joins NASA’s JPL to Search for Alien Life on Jupiter’s Moon, Europa Johns Hopkins physicists will join NASA’s JPL to search for alien life form beneath the frozen surface of Europa, Jupiter’s moon, which is believed to be the best geologic evidence to support life in its past.
Readers suggest explanations after mystery ‘UFO sighting’ in Louth

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