Australien Skies has ‘over 2k images of extraterrestrial activity in Australia’ A new Australian documentary is hoping to shed light on the growing number of extraterrestrial sightings across the country and uncover the truth about potential intergalactic visitors.
The Sun Investigates The Warminster Thing The Sun
Water, water, everywhere – where to drink in the solar system Science fiction movies about aliens threatening the Earth routinely ascribe them the motive of coming here to steal our resources, most often our water. This is ill thought-out, as water is actually extremely common.
Watch: UFO footage seems to have caught a humanoid floating above LA They’re out there, maaaaaan. We’re not sure as to what and who ‘they’ are, but the sheer volume of UFO videos we’re seeing can only mean one thing, alien
Almost 2million Brits claim to have met an alien MORE than half of Brits believe aliens exist – and almost 2million claim to have met one – according to a new poll.