Man calls police to report UFO after seeing strange ‘pulsing’ blue light in sky The caller contacted officers after seeing the ‘blue light’ moving erratically
Some believe lights in East El Paso are UFO Some believe lights in East El Paso are UFO. The lights could be seen Tuesday night.
UFOs in Yuma? Incident at YPG has gone unexplained for 60-plus years Earthlings of the North End Rotary Club gathered at La Fonda Restaurant on Tuesday to hear Mark Schauer speak about the possibility of other-world visitors at Yuma Proving Ground.
WATCH: More than 2,000 ‘UFOs captured over Australia’s skies’ MORE than 2,000 pictures or videos of claimed UFOs from skies over Australia will be unveiled in a new documentary.
Cigar-shaped UFO ‘buzzes’ the Space Station – then NASA feed cuts out Another day, another strange craft full of alien beings buzzing the International Space Station and spying on our astronauts. That’s what UFO fans reckon, anyway, after poring over a live…