Have you ever wondered what Bigfoot does when he’s not getting all blurry for trail cams? This webcomic by Vince Dorse my just be the perspective you need! In this quirky comic, Vince has created a stylish and appealing universe following the misadventures of Bigfoot and his trusty dog “Scout” which won best webcomic and best online comic multiple times from the 2014 National Cartoonist Society Divisional Awards and the 2012 Slate Book Review and the Center For Cartoon Studies.  If you like Bigfoot and fine art the Untold Tales of Bigfoot is the place for you.

Check it out now at untoldtalesofbigfoot.com

You can also check out more of Vince’s work at his Tumblr here.


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Caleb is a writer and musician who has spent more than a decade composing original material and touring with various bands, and has a background in many kinds of multimedia production. He is passionate about music, technology, art, innovation, film, and chicken wings.

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