UFO alert as shape-shifting orb spotted above Leatherhead
From The East End to ET: Danny Dyer reveals his thoughts in new book Eastenders tough guy offers his thoughts on the big questions in life …pubs, ghosts and aliens
How to Find ‘Strange Life’ on Alien Planets Detecting signs of life very different from that of Earth in the atmospheres of alien planets may be difficult, but it is possible, researchers say.
Palisades Man Who Amassed Millions in Cash, Weapons Managed to Convince Women He Was Alien Savior Jeffrey Lash died in possession of a secret stash of million of dollars worth of weapons and cash with no obvious source of income, but even more mysterious may be how the unassuming 60-year-old was able to convince the women closest to him that he was a human-alien hybrid sent to save the earth…
Study claims alien life spreads ‘like a virus’
PHOTO OF THE DAY: Heflin UFO case revisited We ran this back in 2012 or 2013. People came out of the woodwork to read this thing. Overloaded the systems. Blew up one of our servers. Knocked us offline. Smoke was coming off circuit breakers that were snapping. People were screaming ‘Incoming!’

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