I saw The New Regime and Failure play the last show of their tour at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on August 31st. Let it be known that you have to see The New Regime live.

I might be a little biased thinking that The New Regime stole the show. My sister was originally attending the concert by herself because she’s a big fan of Failure and her assessment would probably be different. But as soon as I heard The New Regime was opening I got my own ticket. I had to go because it’s Ilan Rubin’s solo project who I mostly know through his recent work with Tom DeLonge’s Angels & Airwaves. After this show I’m totally convinced Rubin is one of the most talented musicians out there today. Just check out his guitar work.

Not bad, eh?

His tour with Failure is over, but you can catch The New Regime supporting Gang of Four in October. See the tour dates here.

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And check out Rubin’s newest single with Angels & Airwaves titled “Into the Night” from the  “…Of Nightmares” EP that is set to release on September 4th. Pre-order the EP with exclusive bundles from To The Stars Media or via iTunes.