Sir Patrick Moore ‘Saw UFO Being Filmed’ Before BBC Edited It Out Of Documentary
UFO Hunters blame NASA for hiding evidence of alien life from public
BACK IN TIME: Questions still linger about Roswell – Odessa American: Good News Editor’s Note: Information for this article came from the books “Crash at Corona” by Don Berliner and Stanton T. Friedman, “The Roswell Legacy” by Jesse Marcel Jr. and Linda Marcel and “Witness to Roswell” by Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt. Other information came from the International UFO Museum & Research Center in Roswell, N.M.,and from the Wikipedia report on the “Roswell UFO incident.”
Whatever happened to UFO sightings?
Rochester gears up for Paranormal/UFO festival ROCHESTER — Volunteers at Rochester Main Street, in cooperation with Jetpack Comics and Seacoast Saucers, will celebrate a new festival in downtown Rochester on Friday, Sep. 18 and Saturday, Sep. 19 when they visit the unusual with the Paranormal/UFO Festival.A featured event will be a gallery reading with noted medium Antje Bourdages at the Rochester Opera House on Saturday, at 1 p.m. Tickets for this event are now on sale at the Rochester Opera House box office for $10 per person,
The ‘alien’ found in a Russian nuclear power plant is not an alien, guys This happens all the time.
How SETI Will Understand Messages Broadcast by an Alien Intelligence
Imagine the day when we finally receive a signal from an extraterrestrial intelligence, only to find that there’s a message embedded within. Given that we don’t speak the same language, how could we ever hope to make sense of it? We spoke to the experts to find out.Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, aka “CETI”, is the branch of SETI concerned with both the transmission and reception of messages between ourselves and an alien civilization. Scientists have been trying to detect signals from an extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) since the 1960s, but haven’t found anything.

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