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UFO Headlines 9/4/15

How many times have planes been scrambled to intercept UFOs above Burton in the last 10 years?
The Phoenix Incident (REVIEW) A science fiction / drama-documentary film about the 1997 case of four missing men that might be linked to UFO sightings on the same night in the same area.
AREA 51: ‘I see aliens and was abducted at top-secret US military base’ A CHILDREN’S author claims to have been abducted by aliens at the notorious Area 51 military base and warned by the crew of a UFO that landed at UK paranormal hotspot Warminster that the world could end.
Ryanair Flight Narrowly Avoids Fast-Moving UFO In Passenger Video Passengers aboard a Ryanair flight to Spain got a little more excitement than they bargained for when their pilot violently swerved the plane to avoid what can only be described as a UFO. The video
UFO Watchers Abuzz Over ‘Ships’ In Orbit Around The Sun New UFO sightings have been lately captured, revealing a swarm of space objects orbiting the sun, each circled around a glowing ring. UFO researchers say the rings around the “ships” signify that the objects are actually sucking in parts of the sun.

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