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UFO Headlines 9/7/15

Life on Alien Planets: Earth Reveals How to Detect Nitrogen on Exoplanets There may be a new tool to detect life on alien planets. Scientists have received fresh clues as to how nitrogen could be used to detect life on other planets.
RIVERSIDE: Novel follows aliens traveling Route 66 Novel follows aliens traveling Route 66
Conspiracy theorists blame aliens for mysterious death of 60000 antelopes A couple of days back we covered a story wherein we reported deaths of 60000 antelopes in a matter of just four days and while scientists are of the opinion that it was a bacteria that caused the deaths, alien conspiracy theorists are blaming the cull on aliens!
Stunned motorists watch mysterious fireball burn through the sky sparking fresh UFO rumours in Thailand BLINK and you’ll miss it – the bizarre ball of fire was spotted by commuters as they made their way to work.
Woo Alien Girls Or Perish In This Challenging Dating Sim Intergalactic Love Machine reduces the dating sim to a series of multiple choice scenarios. The idea is to flirt with aliens to win them over and to avoid hurting their feelings with insults.
New Hampshire Town Marks On Labor Weekend 50 Years Of Alleged UFO Sighting By Resident With Festival A New Hampshire town held over the Labor weekend the Exeter UFO Festival to mark the 50 years that Norman Muscarello, then an 18-year-old high school graduate, claimed to have seen an unidentified flying object (UFO).
Investigators seek UFO witnesses

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