Alien skull theories debunked yet again
Kristina Killgrove of Forbes breaks down 10 interpretations of ancient skeletons.Kristina Killgrove of Forbes breaks down 10 interpretations of ancient skeletons..
NASA Joins Conspiracy Theorists In Search For Planet X Conspiracy theorists have their reasons to rejoice, since NASA seems to finally give credit to the hypothesis of Planet X’s existence.
Are aliens spreading through the universe like a DISEASE? Astronomers say extraterrestrial life may form in patterns that can be spotted from Earth The research was led by Henry Lin from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. It is based on panspermia – a theory that suggests life spreads on comets or meteorites.
Tucson’s UFO Mystery Revealed
Is this a UFO filmed hovering low over Caernarfon Castle? Watch this clip of a small, dark object seen floating just above the castle’s iconic walls and judge for yourself

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