Is this a UFO flying over the Tesco store at Church Langley, Harlow?
ET phone Holm-firth! Town to host UFO conference featuring renowned Roswell expert More than 500 UFO believers from across Britain will descend on the town on the weekend of September 19 and 20
Joshua Ross films UFO moving ‘side to side’ over the Sunshine Coast A man has captured the moment he spotted an unidentified object in the sky near his home on the Sunshine Coast. Joshua Ross seen the white glow in the sky above a house and filmed it on his phone.
Nick Jonas Believes in Alien, but Not Mermaids The former Jonas Brothers member admitted to have seen flying saucers in his backyards when he was 14 years old.
He claims to have visited an alien spaceship – but would eccentric Russian be a worse Fifa president than Sepp Blatter? President of Chess Federation says he is considering putting his name forward

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