The Slushoverse Theory: The Shared Realities of J.J. Abrams

Have you ever heard of Slusho? How about the Abrams-verse? No? Then you’ve definitely never heard of The Slushoverse Theory, which puts together a number of these ideas in a unified theory that connects various Abrams franchises like AliasLostFringeHeroes, and big budget blockbusters like Cloverfield, Star Trek and even the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

That’s right, The Slushoverse Theory introduces a legitimate and theoretical shared universe that actually has the potential to crossover with itself, and potentially hundreds of other TV series. Now, if you’re thinking about Han Solo and Captain Kirk hanging out at Cheers discussing their alien conquests, then you can thank The Slushoverse Theory for bringing it all together, which is now being hosted over on If you are a fan of shared universes, J.J. Abrams, Star Trek, Star Wars, or crazy theories then you should be reading this sooner rather than later.


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