Stephen Colbert Talks Star Wars and Uses Captain America’s Shield

This is all we could hope to happen in a single late night talk-show monologue.

If you’re at all familiar with Stephen Colbert you know he’s a proud nerd. He let his inner geek shine many times over the years during his tenure on the Colbert Report and he’s clearly not stopping now that he’s taken over CBS’ The Late Show from David Letterman. During Monday night’s monologue he expressed his frustration over the fact that he won’t be among the first audience to see the highly anticipated “The Force Awakens.”

But the most entertaining moment of the night was when he brought out U.S. Open champion Novak Djokovic to have some fun. Let’s just say Colbert needed to protect himself with one of his most prized possessions: the indestructible Captain America shield itself.

Colbert is clearly gaining his footing and becoming more comfortable in his new environment with CBS. Hopefully last night was a sign of more nerdiness to come out of the new Late Show host. Here’s to Colbert for being one of us!

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