Giant Radio Telescope Could Detect E.T.’s Call A huge telescope array will allow scientists to conduct the most sensitive and exhaustive search for signs of alien civilizations to date when it comes online, the project’s backers say.
Alien Abduction Story ‘Captured’ in the Works as Movie Gotham/Principal is teaming up with Bryce Zabel and Jackie Zabel via their Stellar Prods. to produce alien-abduction story “Captured.”
Believe in Aliens? In the 1960s, Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev published a paper outlining a classification system for potentially advanced alien civilizations. The Kardashev system, which numbers one to three, describes civilizations more advanced than Earth.
Loud, pulsating noise heard in sky above Greater Manchester leaves residents mystified The rhythmic pulsing was heard by people in Stockport, Rochdale and Middleton on Wednesday night
Curious UFO in sky!
The truth is out there as woman captures footage of ‘UFO plasma’ melting in the sky The unexplained phenomenon shot in the US appears to show particles melting into a clear blue sky

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