The world needs an 8-bit harmonica

A Japanese tech geek decided to create an 8-bit harmonica because who doesn’t want an 8-bit harmonica?

The 8-bit harmonica in action. (Credit: Basami Sentaku/YouTube)
The 8-bit harmonica in action. (Credit: Basami Sentaku/YouTube)

CNET explains that the harmonica, which is closer to a pan flute than a harmonica, is “housed in an old Famicom cartridge, it consists of a set of ‘pipes.’ These are programmed to reproduce chiptune sounds as heard in the original Super Mario Bros. When you blow into them, you can play music instead of games.”

Watching the video of the 8-bit harmonica in action reminded me of the frustrating days of blowing into NES cartridges when a game would freeze or get glitchy. Fortunately, the harmonica sounds much cooler than a frustrated gamer blowing into a cartridge.

The creator, who calls himself Basami Sentaku (which, according to CNET, is Japanese for “clothespin”?) on YouTube, has videos of his other inventions at his website Another one of his cool mods is a remote-controlled moving Nintendo.

Well done, clothespin. Well done.

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