Scientists sweep galaxies for super-intelligent alien races, find nothing Perhaps we should breathe a sigh of relief — super-advanced aliens with the ability to harness the power of whole galaxies do not appear to exist, at …
World Chess President Claims He Was Abducted By Space Aliens — And They Invented Chess » Jesuit who says aliens have souls is named director of Vatican Observatory
Top scientist believes aliens may be trying to contact Earth THE scientist in charge of finding aliens believes they may already be trying to contact us.
Celebrate the unusual this weekend ROCHESTER — For those wanting to experience something unusual, the city’s first Paranormal/UFO Festival is taking place this Friday, Sept. 18 and Saturday, Sept. 19. The event is being presented by Rochester Main Street, in cooperation with Jetpack Comics and Seacoast Saucers.A featured event will be a gallery reading at 1 p.m. at the Rochester Opera House with noted medium Antje Bourdages. Tickets are $15, general admission and are available at the Rochester Opera House box