Jimmy Buffett pays tribute to Pascagoula’s other famous name, alien abductee Charles Hickson, with ‘Mr. Spaceman’ Jimmy Buffett said a Pascagoula beachfront performance wouldn’t be complete without recognizing the small town’s other major media blitz.
EXCLUSIVE: MoD contacted aliens during bizarre experiment, Westminster talks told A DOCTOR sensationally claims to have made contact with alien beings during an operation with the French Ministry of Defence.
ET Conference At Holmfirth Attracts 200 UFO Believers UFO experts and believers gathered over the weekend for the third international UFO Truth Magazine conference at Holmfirth’s Civic Hall. Speakers from Brazil, New Zealand, Canada and the UK shared their latest research and analysis of recent encounters and incidents involving aliens.
Footage of ‘Black Triangle’ UFO shows mysterious lights drifting over city This footage which appears to show a Black Triangle UFO hovering over a house in San Diego  
UFO, ghost investigators descend on Cripple Creek CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. — Some of Colorado’s more well-known paranormal investigators made their way to Cripple Creek this weekend to study the “unexplained.” The group participated in the fourth annual Spirits of Colorado Paranormal Convention.
Will we ever know what happens at Area 51? The Sheahan family has owned land in the Nevada desert since the 1800s, but the Air Force is determined to kick them off of it.
Man believes ‘green ball’ is Worthing UFO

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