Most Germans believe something is out there A majority of Germans believe in intelligent life beyond our planet, a poll by YouGov revealed on Wednesday. Source:
University Professor Maintains Pluto Aliens Could Exist
Remembering the ‘Tinley Park lights’ UFO incidents Through the years, Tinley Park has entertained many visitors of note, but the most intriguing have been the three red lights that hovered in our sky on Aug. 21, 2004, and again 71 days later on the evening of Halloween.
School project to improve pupil’s writing skills is ‘out of this world’ A SCHOOL project aimed at enhancing children’s writing skills proved “out of this world”.
Astronomer Clay Sherrod Explores UFOs in Presentation at PSC Oct. 3 Astronomer Clay Sherrod Explores UFOs in Presentation at PSC Oct. 3
MARSHENGE: Ancient alien stone circle found on Red Planet UFO hunters are claiming to have made the most significant discovery yet on Mars after finding a “version of Stonehenge” on the Red Planet.
UFO sighting filmed over New York in April still unidentified Researchers are still struggling to explain a flying object filmed off the coast of Long Island last April with some claiming it could possibly be a drone but not entirely certain.

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