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UFO Headlines 9/29/15

Searching for Life in Martian Water Will Be Very, Very Tricky – Scientific American The risk of microbial contamination could prevent humans and even robots from visiting the most promising parts of the Red Planet
Will NSA whistleblower Snowden release proof of alien visitations to Earth? | Science | News | Daily Express UFO chasers hope NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may be on the brink of releasing a string of confidential US files proving the existence of aliens after he talked turkey about extra terrestrials for the first time.
Mulder and Scully Re-Open the X-Files in This First New Trailer Well, technically there were two new trailers; Fox broke them into two pieces and debuted them during Gotham and Minority Report last night. Happily, some helpful soul has reassembled them for your viewing pleasure, much like agents Mulder and Scully have reunited in order to finally find the truth*! (*Which is, presumably, out there.)
UFO sightings provide inspiration for Swansea-born author’s latest novel | South Wales Evening Post A SPATE of UFO sightings and other strange occurrences in West Wales have provided a Swansea-born author with inspiration for his latest novel. Former Gower College student Neil Spring says The…
Pictured: Mysterious flashing UFO with ‘Mayan’ markings moves across pre-dawn sky – Mirror Online The images show a ‘coin-like’ object with eerie markings soaring through the atmosphere during the early hours

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