Why Ridley Scott Thinks Aliens Are Real – CINEMABLEND Ridley Scott is largely responsible for unleashing one of the scariest movie aliens of all time on audiences, but the question of whether or not he actually believes there are extraterrestrials was still up in the air.
KAALtv.com – UFO Sighting Reported in Rochester There is an interesting phenomena that is putting Rochester in a national spotlight for something that you may not have heard about. There is an organization called MUFON…which stands for Mutual UFO Network…
Stephen Hawking says nomadic aliens might crush us – CNET Technically Incorrect: The famed physicist says that simple math makes him believe there are aliens out there.
Legendary NASA Scientist Wonders if Aliens Are as Shortsighted and Stupid as Humans | Mother Jones
Magnetic Fields Point to Extraterrestrial Life Earth’s magnetic field is vital for life. It deflects solar wind and protects the planet’s atmosphere, according to European Space Agency. The field is generated in Earth’s core and emanates outwards. Using computer simulations to replicate planets in the habitable zones of low-mass stars, Univ. of Washington researchers found tidally locked Earth-like planets may possess protective magnetic fields.

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