In case you missed it, a new Homestar Runner video was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday. This new cartoon features the perfect blend of the humor we’ve come to love from “the Brothers Chaps” with a successful attempt at adapting their work to the ever-changing world of online video. The way online content is created, consumed, and shared is much different than it was when Homestar Runner was at its prime.

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So what did the Brothers Chaps do? They made a new series titled “Strong Bad Classics” in which Strong Bad adds his own twist to a classic tale. Much of Strong Bad’s humor that we came to love in Teen Girl Squad shines through in this new video (VOIP!). Strong Bad even takes it upon himself to film and upload an embarrassing wisdom teeth video. But who was the subject? You’ll just have to watch until the end.

This video proves that Homestar Runner still has what it takes to be engaging and sharable Internet comedy. We can’t wait for more!

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