Oxygen on Exoplanets May Not Mean Alien Life A planet with liquid water on the surface and titanium oxide deposited by meteors could produce oxygen in the atmosphere without the need for life.
Alien spaceship cloud spooks out Woodstock Ontario Canada IS the film Independence Day about to become a reality?
Aliens could conquer, colonise planet earth: Stephen Hawking
UFO seen in Texas from The Avengers like space portal Is it a drone running military operations for an alien civilization?
Close Encounters? Nearly 50 years ago, something unexplainable passed through the Forsyth County sky. Was it something from outer space? Or was it simply a mirage?
In Sheffield, An UFO Monument Lands At A New Spot
UFO experts headed for Rio Rancho Norio Hayakawa has fond memories of the time he heard a story from his father, who said he observed an unidentified flying object above Yokohama Bay in Japan while he

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