Possibility Of Life Existing On Mars Intensifies
How NASA Plans To Protect Planets Against An Alien Invasion NASA has an Office of Planetary Protection. Its purpose is not to protect Earth from invasion by some green skinned monsters, but rather to protect the rest of the Universe from us.
Boyhood Encounter With UFO Inspired Art That Soared Around The World Romanian-born artist Ionel Talpazan lived on the streets of New York, making art that eventually hung in fine galleries from San Francisco to France. NPR’s Scott Simon reflects on his vivid work.
Listening for Alien Life: Could New Tech Detect Microbe Movements? From Yahoo News: Spacecraft may one day be able to detect alien life by listening to the sounds microbes make. Scientists are testing a new microphone technology called the remote acoustic sensor (RAS), which is capable of capturing sounds within extreme and often inaccessible aerospace environments. “If there’s life, and if it moves, it may make RAS-detectable sounds,” said RAS lead technologist Dan Slater, an independent consultant based in La Habra Heights, California.
‘Triangle UFO’ Seen In NASA Apollo 17 Moon Landing Photo — Same Object Spotted In Lunar Module Film? A bizarre discovery in a NASA Apollo 17 photo reveals a “triangle” UFO eerily similar on one spotted by different UFO hunters in a 16mm film just last year.
New Mexico UFO Conference in Rio Rancho New Mexico News, Sports, Business and Entertainment from the Albuquerque Journal

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