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UFO Headlines 10/6/15

X-Files advisor: I have an ‘open-mind’ about alien life The science advisor for The X-Files believes alien life will be found in “some form”.
More livable than Earth? New index sizes up the habitability of alien exoplanets Researchers at the University of Washington’s Virtual Planetary Laboratory have devised a new habitability index for judging how suitable alien planets mi
Space Aliens Be Warned: George Noory Is Eyeing The Presidency
Does FBI memo prove aliens DID crash near Roswell and THREE UFOs and were covered up? UFO researchers in Japan stumbled across an FBI memo that some believe could prove the infamous Roswell flying saucer incident DID happen – and involved THREE flying saucers instead of just the suspected one.
UFO and ‘potential aliens’ sighted by villagers in India Villagers have been left stumped after a claiming to have seen UFO and a “humanoid figure”.

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