Award-winning director speaking at UFO gathering Emmy Award-winning director Sid Goldberg will be the guest speaker at the next local chapter meeting of the Mutual UFO Network Canada
Leaked ‘NASA video footage’ shows a manned mission to Mars in 1973 This is supposedly leaked ‘NASA footage’ of a manned mission to Mars in 1973 as conspiracy theorists believe there have been numerous unpublicised space missions.
‘The X-Files’ Series Reboot Will Recycle Its Old Title Sequence This is obviously just one way ‘The X-Files’ will mess with your head.
WATCH: Fears ‘aliens cause eruptions’ after cigar-shaped UFO targets active volcano AGAIN FIRST it was the Sun, then International Space Station (ISS), but now those pesky UFOs won’t stop visiting active or erupting volcanoes…allegedly.
Shocking UFO sightings around the world New Delhi: Human curiosity in the extraterrestrial life has been there since ages. UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) spotting and alien stories have made people glued to their television sets every now and then. Even the experts have not yet come

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