When we think of UFO crashes, there’s really only one case that comes to mind. Yup… that one. What many are not aware of, however, is that there are literally thousands of other cases involving crashed saucers, fireballs hurdling towards earth, and everything in between. With many of these crashes, bodies were found. And even more interesting were the lengths in which military bodies went to clean everything up before news got out. Below are a few examples of UFO crashes you may never have heard of… for a reason.

Aurora, Texas – 1897

Perhaps one of the first recorded cases involving a crashed UFO occurred over a century ago in the town of Aurora, Texas.

On April 19th of 1897, a story appeared in the local newspaper about a strange airship that had been sighted over the town. The story went on to claim that this ship had crashed into a windmill tower, sending it to the ground in a blazing explosion. Apparently, some of the material recovered had strange hieroglyphic symbols on it. Also amongst the wreckage was that of an ‘alien’ life form which the townsfolk buried in the local cemetery.

Although most researchers regard this as a hoax, there are still some who pursue the case, going so far as to try to exhume the grave where the alien body was supposedly buried. Their requests were denied by the city officials, and the case remains unsolved until today.

Credit: www.roswellbooks.com

Credit: www.roswellbooks.com

Tunguska, Siberia – 1908

It was on June 30th of 1908, near the lower Tunguska River of Siberia, when a large explosion occurred. The explosion was so large, that it could be felt from almost 400 miles away. For several nights all over northern Europe, the sky glowed enough to light the street of London. At first it was assumed that a massive meteorite had collided with the earth. Given the remoteness of the area, it was not until 1927 that an expedition was mounted to investigate the crash area. The expedition turned up absolutely nothing, which seemed close to impossible, considering the size of the explosion which rivaled that of the Atomic Bomb aftermath.

Scientists speculated many theories for this crash and its source, everything ranging from black holes, to anti-matter experiments, up to even saying it could have been a nuclear device from an alien race.

No matter the case, many of the witnesses to the original crash claimed to have seen an  oval-shaped mass moving across the sky, as well as seeing the object change course, and having a very low speed.

Most people today believe that what hit Tunguska was simply a meteorite. But many still believe this could have possibly been the crash of an alien mothership. Either theory is equally as terrifying, considering the devastating impact it had on the surrounding area.



Las Vegas – 1962

While thought to be nothing by rumor amongst many UFO researchers, witness reports began to surface about a crash that supposedly took place on April 18th of 1962 on the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

The object was first spotted over Oneida, NY (Miles from my hometown of Syracuse!) and was heading in a westerly direction. Other reports of a similar object were also reported in Kansas, Colorado, and Utah. Tracked on several radar systems, the object disappeared when it hit the Nellis base.

Thousands of witnesses reported the object, assuming it was a meteorite. But the Air Force wasn’t happy with this assumption. So much so that the Air Defense Command scrambled several fighter jets to investigate.

Claims out of Eureka were that the object came down in the town, at the same time, the town experienced several blackouts. It was then reported that the object took off again, and the power in the town immediately sprung back to life. Reports also trickled in from commercial pilots in the area, claiming it was below their own altitudes, thus negating speculation that this was a meteorite of some kind. Though the Air Force remained steadfast in explaining it away as such, even though this “crashed meteorite” seemed to land and then take off again.



Varginha, Brazil – 1996

It was in the first weeks of 1996 when news quickly spread across various news outlets in Brazil that the military had captured a downed alien craft and an extraterrestrial being in the town of Varginha. The news spread so far as The Wall Street Journal.

According to media reports, the being was first sighted by a group of young women on January 20th.  The women described seeing a creature of five or so feet tall, a large head and skinny body. It had brown skin and large red eyes. It was wobbling back and forth, clearly unsteady. The women assumed it was sick or injured. The women raced home to tell their mother of what they’d seen. She returned to the area to smell a strong odor of ammonia. The creature was nowhere to be found however. Rumors began to spread throughout the town that an alien had been sighted and that UFOs were invading the area. Apparently, the military was brought in to investigate.

The Brazilian government has officially denied any claims of being involved in the incident, but many claim that this is nothing but a cover-up. With very little credible testimony, and no irrefutable evidence, the Varginha case remains a complete mystery in the annals of UFO crashes.



With UFOs crashing all over the world, one has to wonder just exactly how intelligent these so-called intelligent aliens truly are. Are these merely misidentified meteorites, weather balloons, or online hoaxes? Or are we dealing with the fact that extraterrestrials may be here on earth? That mystery lay deep in the ground of many UFO researchers work, including the minds of the public as a whole.

One thing, however, is certain: if these aliens are supposedly traveling across vast star systems and blinking in and out of wormholes, you’d think they’d take every precaution once they entered our atmosphere and started poking around our skies.

Just be careful, dear reader, next time you have a UFO sighting… you never know when it’s going to hurdle towards your head in a fiery blaze.

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