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UFO Headlines 10/22/15

A NEW STUDY IS TRYING TO EXPLAIN WHY WE CAN’T FIND ADVANCED ALIEN LIFE Here’s one new study that is trying to answer the Fermi Paradox. According to the paper from the Space Telescope Science Institute, the Earth is first in line — and other Earth-like planets are yet to be born.
UFO sightings in Caboolture and Bribie Island A new Queensland made documentary has identified Caboolture and Bribie Island as potential UFO hotspots.
Video: Mysterious UFO sightings around the world – five best After a “UFO” crashes onto a road in Kingston, West London, we look at the five best UFO sightings from around the world
UFO Sightings 2015: Mysterious flying objects of various shapes filmed over New York, Brazil, Australia Mysterious flying objects of various shapes have been seen hovering over New York, Brazil and Australia in the recent months. Some of the UFO sightings reported giant pyramids, boomerang-shaped objects and unusually lit flying crafts.
Throwback Thursday: UFO sightings researched by ‘Lincoln UFO-busters’ in late 1980s In 1987 – just five years after Steven Spielberg’s smash hit “E.T.” was released – UFO sightings were a regular occurrence.

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