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UFO Headlines 10/28/15

Rain, rain & more rain Given the dramatic nature of the 2013 Aquadilla UFO footage, not to mention its subsequent forensic analysis by an independent team of researchers, De Void
‘Alien Megastructure’ Mystery May Soon Be Solved The mystery behind a strangely dimming star could soon be solved.
UFO sightings not uncommon in Clay County
‘People are actually seeing things’: Manitoba a hotspot for unidentified flying objects A Canadian UFO researcher said while most reports are later identified, about 17 per cent are officially labelled as unexplained.
Rock painting from 10,000 years ago ‘shows UFO meeting cavemen’ Did aliens visit our planet 10,000 years ago – suspiciously close to the time mankind invented writing and the wheel? The ever-reliable Before Its News believes (of course) that they…
UFO spotted in Midrand? Independent Online

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