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UFO Headlines 10/29/15

Retired RCMP officer remembers  Clarenville UFO experience It’s late October and the streets will soon be filled with ghosts, goblins and all kinds of paranormal creatures.
Maybe It’s Time To Stop Snickering About Aliens This may be the moment for all of us sober, rational, boring scientists to stop with our quick dismissals, as beyond them hides a much more interesting reality, says astrophysicist Adam Frank.
Throwback Thursday: Pure nightmare fuel in UFO witness’ account The pages of a newspaper hold their share of things that scare you, like brutal crime and war, or whatever Congress is doing (or not doing). But for pure…
EXCLUSIVE: Scores of Sheffield people call South Yorkshire police to report UFOs and aliens
Midrand UFO truth finally revealed The Citizen reveals the truth behind the Midrand UFO hoax.

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UFO Headlines 10/5/15

Possibility Of Life Existing On Mars Intensifies Source: www.dailytimesgazette.com/possibility-of-life-existing-on-mars-increases/29352/ How NASA Plans To Protect Planets Against An Alien…