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UFOs near airport in India prompt air force deployment

Multiple UFO sightings over and near the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in New Delhi have prompted the airport to place security personnel on high alert.

On Tuesday, October 27, an air traffic controller at the airport observed a UFO over one of the runways. An air force officer noticed additional UFOs on Friday, October 30. An airport spokesperson describes, “A member of Indian Air Force (IAF) sits at the ATC tower of Delhi airport. At 10:44am on Friday, he first noticed a flying object over runway 9-27, the smallest runway of Delhi airport. He reported two more objects at 10:50am and 10:55am, flying outside the airport boundary.”

Indira Gandhi Airport (Credit: calflier001/Wikimedia Commons)
Indira Gandhi Airport (Credit: calflier001/Wikimedia Commons)

Although air traffic control personnel claim that radar detected at least one of these UFOs, the airport says there is no evidence of any of these unidentified craft appearing on radar.

Daily Indian newspaper Hindustan Times reports that the Delhi Police, the Intelligence Bureau, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), and the Bureau for Civil Aviation Security met to discuss the UFO situation. Additionally, the IAF has been deployed with authorization to shoot down UFOs if necessary.

The airport spokesperson adds, “No one is sure as to what is happening. But we have put everyone on alert as we do not want to take any risks . . .”

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