Here’s where scientists think they will find alien life first VIDEO: There are several factors about Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moon, that are similar to Earth that lead scientists to believe life could be supported there.
What you need to know about humankind’s search for alien life I’ve been timid to talk about space aliens for the past couple decades. As a kid, I loved everything extraterrestrial. My father introduced me to conspiracy theories in the early 1990s through…
There’s a slim chance that NASA’s next big announcement concerns life on Mars
This Visualisation Shows The Astonishing Diversity Of Alien Worlds Slovak graphic designer Martin Vargic has pieced together a rather meticulous visualisation showing over 500 exoplanets discovered by astronomers as o…
I Want to Believe: Loving the Alien is sci-fi gone sexy and is now the most important thing on your calendar For local musician Billy Miles Brooke, there’s just something irresistible about glam rock.

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