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UFO Headlines 11/5/15

Is it a boat, or a plane or a UFO? Spooky photo taken on beach that’s got people guessing
Bright glowing object in night sky sends shock waves through Bangkok (VIDEO) A meteor observed streaking the night sky in Bangkok has left locals shocked.
A likely explanation for alien abductions Many people sincerely believe they have had such experiences, but there might be a simple reason
Melissa Mathison, E.T. Screenwriter, Dead at 65 Melissa Mathison, screenwriter of E.T., Kundun and next year’s The BFG, has died.
Dr. Michio Kaku On Why Aliens Aren’t Landing On the White House Lawn One of the most renowned figures in science discusses extraterrestrial life, artificial intelligence, and the future of computer technology.
Nasa Mars announcement: Agency likely to announce how Red Planet went from more habitable to cold and dry Nasa could be about to announce that Mars once looked a lot like Earth. The space agency has made a cryptic announcement that it is about to make an announcement about the red planet’s atmosphere. And while it hasn’t said , a list of speakers posted on the agency’s website indicates that it could be revealing new findings about how Mars turned from the wet and warm planet that it once was to the dry, cold and most inhospitable place that it is now.

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Is this a UFO flying over the Tesco store at Church Langley, Harlow? Source: www.harlowstar.co.uk/UFO-flying-Tesco-store-Church-Langley-Harlow/story-27772992-detail/story.html ET phone Holm-firth!…