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UFO Headlines 11/6/15

Strange Crop Circles Appear In Wheat Field (Again) Mysterious crop circles have appeared in farmers’ fields, sparking a police investigation.
Could this mysterious black ‘UFO’ ball from space be proof of aliens? Scientists have been desperately researching the possibility of life on another planet for years, but it seems we may be one step closer after this mysterious black ball fell from…
Alien abduction shock: Police hear missing man held on UFO 5 days and had to punch way out SIX men questioned on suspicion of murdering a missing work colleague claimed he was abducted by a flying saucer, leaving police incredulous to their story.
First observations made with deep-space water-hunting instrument ​A team of astronomers has made the first observations with a cutting-edge water-hunting instrument. The instrument is not only suited for identifying signatures of water and other molecules in the Milky Way but also in other galaxies.
Richard Botelho Releases Novel on UFOs
WATCH: Mystery after ‘UFO zapped police car, cracking windscreen and blinding driver’ OFFICIALS have been unable to explain what a “UFO” was that trashed a police car and left the driver temporarily blinded.

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UFO Headlines 8/21/15

Could ‘UFO sighting’ in Louth have been a drone? See our interactive sighting map Source: www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/UFO-sighting-Louth-drone-interactive-sighting-map/story-27648034-detail/story.html UFO Sighting…
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UFO Headlines 7/14/15

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