Director’s Departure Adds to Arecibo’s Woes Citing a communication breakdown, the radio telescope’s director steps down
New South Wales man building a FLYING SAUCER in tribute to his late wife A great-grandfather from the New South Wales Hunter Region has revealed to the world the flying saucer he has been quietly constructing for the past 20 years.
UFO-like meteor captured in the skies above Yorkshire It might look like something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind – but there’s an entirely logical reason for this eerie green light hovering in the sky above a…
UFO Sighting: Expert Explains Why Missile Looked Like Martin Spacecraft A Naval official is explaining why a missile test turned out to look so much like a UFO sighting to many people along the southern California coast Nov. 7. It was a combination of the sunlight and the moving missile.
UFO-like clouds spotted over Cape Town CAPE TOWN, South Africa — A cool cloud formation over South Africa had folks around the globe buzzing. Monique Jackson shot this image in Cape Town Sunday. She described the clouds as being “UFO-like”. But they have nothing to do with space aliens.
Second ‘UFO’ Black Ball Crash-Lands On Earth Sending Alien Hunters Into A Frenzy Another mysterious black ball has fallen from space and crash-landed in a Spanish village, sending residents and UFO hunters in to a panic. According to the Mirror, the ball which weighs 20 kilos,

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