San Jose alien hoax

Here’s what to tell your friends about that ‘alien’ in California

You’ve most likely seen the photos of that freaky looking alien creature in California that someone recently posted on Facebook. And if you’ve been asked about this little alien as many times as I have, here are a couple important details to know: 1. It’s probably not an alien. 2. It wasn’t in California.

On Sunday, November 8, Facebook user Gianna Peponis posted photos showing this bizarre looking creature. She asserts that she found the “alien” in the back yard of her San Jose, CA home during the mass UFO sighting (which turned out to be a Navy missile test) on Saturday, November 7. “I heard something scream at like 11:30 last night and went on my side yard and found this thing . . . It was dead when I found it,” she explained in her original post.

The photos quickly spread across the Internet and spawned headlines around the world. But obvious red flags discredit the alien claims.

First, there are a few troubling elements involving the alleged witness and source of these photos. Gianna Peponis has two Facebook pages, one of which was just created seemingly for the purpose of promoting these photos. And she even created a community page on Facebook because she was flooded with friend requests resulting from the attention garnered from the photos.

I have over 2000 pending friend requests and reached my friend limited so I've created this page.

Posted by Gianna Peponis on Monday, November 9, 2015

Second, these same photos were posted by someone else in Pleasant Hope, Missouri on Thursday, November 5–two days before Gianna Peponis claims she discovered the alien in her yard.

What is this two legged beast in my yard????

Posted by Teshawn Michael Stafford on Thursday, November 5, 2015

But Gianna Peponis, who claims she buried the alien after she found it, is standing by her claim that she took the photos, despite several people pointing out the earlier photos. Facebook user Kayla Elizabeth Elaine Campbell posted the following comment on Gianna Peponis’ page:

All of you are fools for believing the shit people post on Facebook. Y’all need to seriously stop sharing this post. Its a premature calf that the mothers body aborted. These pictures did NOT come out of California after some fake ass alien sighting. I live in Bolivar, Missouri, 7 miles where these picture originated from, and seen these pictures off a friends fb. This is the third calf in the last few months. THESE PICTURES ORIGINATED OUT OF PLEASANT HOPE MISSOURI. PLEASE STOP THE IGNORANCE.

Although it’s been determined that the photos of this unusual looking creature were posted by someone in a different state and days before Gianna Peponis, the true origin of the photos and the identity of the creature in them is unclear. Some assert that the photos show a deformed cow fetus, and were taken a year ago in Pennsylvania. Others suggest the creature in the photos is a deer fetus, or even a dog. But without further evidence, a definitive source and identification cannot be made.

These photos and the claims behind them are just the latest example of why photos of alleged UFOs and extraterrestrials require cautious skepticism.

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