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UFO Headlines 11/13/15

UFO dubbed WTF crashes into Indian Ocean EARTH was today hit by a zooming UFO, but scientists remain unable to identify exactly what the mysterious object was.
Mystery object dazzles in the sky over Siberia A meteor? A rocket? A military missile? An UFO? So far no explanation for the lightshow over Trans-Baikal.
Rock legend visits New Mexico Rock and roll and reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne has been spotted around Roswell the past few days.
Three books take on the high weirdness at Utah’s mysterious Skinwalker Ranch BOOK REVIEWS:Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp (Paraview Pocket Books) 2005 Lost on Skinwalker Ranch: The True Story of a Property Guard and His Encounter With the Paranormal by Erick T. Rhetts (CreateSpace) 2014 Skinwalker Ranch: No Trespassing by Ryan Skinner and D.L. Wallace (CreateSpace) 2014
Military exercises extend LAX’s late-night flyovers in South L.A. The military air space west of Los Angeles International Airport will remain closed longer than originally expected, officials said, meaning South L.A. residents will have at least a few more nights of late-night flyovers. Originally scheduled to end Thursday, the closure has been extended until…
New Earth-like planet could help in search for extraterrestrial life – New Earth-like planet could help in search for extraterrestrial life

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UFO Headlines 8/4/15

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