7 Crazy Alien Abduction Stories That Seriously Are Out Of This World
UFO hunters mistake part of the ISS in Scott Kelly’s image as evidence of aliens In his tweet, Scott Kelly was ‘trying to tell the world about the existence of aliens’ without directly saying anything, conspiracy theorists claim.
Fallout 4: Where to find the crashed UFO and how to get the alien blaster pistol
Lapdog journalism at the NY Times God, how I do so hate reading the pablum that passes for UFO coverage in The New York Times. Had a link to its latest trifling not appeared on a Facebook p
UFO buzzes IKEA: another mystery flying object filmed over Siberia Filmed here over the city of Omsk, the meteor – or was it a rocket or test firing of a ballistic missile? – startled people over a swathe of territory.
NASA to send Valkyrie humanoid robot to Mars NASA is planning to send its R5 humanoid robot, also known as Valkyrie, to Mars and even into deeper space locations.

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