Why Have There Been So Many UFO Sightings This Month? After UFO sightings in Los Angeles and Cape Town, a new photo from astronaut Scott Kelly has sparked even more speculation.
What was the mysterious UFO that bathed Hull in blue light?
How St. Charles man does PR for UFOs This week’s INfrequently Asked Questions profiles John Mars of St. Charles. Why? He’s director of marketing for the California-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an organization that investigates UFO sightings worldwide.
No, ISS Astronaut Scott Kelly Did Not Take A Picture Of A UFO What, exactly, is that thing? The internet, upon discovering this photo, was quick to dive into speculation as to what this might be.
Aliens sighted at New Bewerley Community School
Are aliens coming to Cornwall? UFO sighting in St Ives
‘Glowing UFO’ is seen parked on the ground near Area 51 in Nevada A passenger on a plane in America claims to have seen a weird ‘glowing’ object – ‘shooting orb like lights into the air’ near Area 51.

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